Support For Valuable Relative Content

At Symbion, I relentlessly beat the drum of relevant content.  Turning the tide of “hey look what WE can do for YOU” and simply becoming THE source of relevant, useful information for our clients, we become THE source for the product and service, naturally.  This is a marketing paradigm that is shifting as the web grows.

Give thought to this.  Google is the biggest company on the internet.  What do people want from Google?  Valuable content.  Now ask yourself this, does your company market valuable information or its products and services?  Not that you can ignore those, but how can you work the two together is the burning question most savvy marketers are asking themselves. And the answer is a resounding YES!  If you have the right partner.

This article is short, but supports my strategy of becoming a valuable source of relevant information in your market.  This article focuses on social media, the fastest growing segment of web 3.0.

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