Business Pearls From A Silicon Valley Oyster…

Guy Kawasaki gets it. Having worked for Apple twice in his life, he understands and is an evangel for keeping business simple and profitable. He now acts as managing director of Garage Technology Ventures.

What I like so much about Guy is how he freely offers all of his experience in a very humble, easy to understand, and rather humrous way. He understands that you don’t need to keep all your cards close to your chest, but by sharing your experiences and knowledge you become an authority and someone people turn to when they have a need, which ultimately drives business.

This parrallels the approach I believe will creat long-term success. You can find a link to Guy’s blog here on my site, and I will be posting links to his entries as I find ones relevant to the marketing process.

For now, find 39 minutes, grab a cup off coffee, and I almost guarantee you’ll get some new perspectives from this presentation taken from TieCon 2006 convention.

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