What Are The Anti-Spam Rules?

As use and success of email grows, more marketers wonder “what are the rules and regulations regarding the use of commercial email to promote a business?”  Wonder no more, and read the anti-spam regulations straight from the Federal Trade Commission.  Contrary to popular belief, you do not need permission to email a person, but you must give them an “opt-out” option.  At the bottom of any commercial email, there must be a place the recipient can click, and get taken off of your list, within 30 days.

Now having said that, you should have some business relationship before you email someone, so that they don’t report your email as spam.  Too much of this and you could get banned from your email service provider.  It’s best to have a partner who can craft the message with you, design an appropriate email, track the results, and provide you with detailed reports.

Read the regulations here:


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