Google Organic Page Ranking 101

Ahhh the coveted first page search results on Google Organic Rankings.  Everyone wants the top spot, and will settle for the first page.  Anything else is considered a waste of website optimization.  Well, as I’ve said for some time, your ability to achieve this top organic ranking depends on a few factors.  They include:

  1. The search terms you’re competing for.  In a highly competitive keyword search segment, your chances diminish dramatically.  My blog ranks one or two in the world when you’re searching for “positive economic news.”  Why?  There is not a lot of sites targeting this subject.  However, if I were competing for keywords such as “alternative energy” the internet is packed with companies providing information and products pertaining to these words.  Use services like to find out how popular the words are that you seek to conquer.
  2. Your site’s relevancy to these narrow terms.  Google looks for the most relevant and abundance of information on a site, according to what their customer is searching for.  If I search for “alternative energy” Google wants to give me the sites that have the most information regarding these terms.  Narrowing my search to “alternative energy vehicles” produces another set of results, because now Google wants to give me only those sites that have vehicles. Any information other than this, and the site looses its relevancy.  Keep this in mind when optimizing your site.  If you have a myriad of products on your site, the chances of any one of those getting a high ranking might be difficult, especially if the products are different in nature.
  3. Usefulness of your information.  You can’t simply repeat keywords to get more attention.  If your site is truly relevant, and useful other sites and/or blogs will start to link to your site to increase the value of their site.  These inbound links indicate to Google that your information is truly useful.

Read here to find out what Google’s to three criteria are for a high Google ranking.

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