Marketing, You’ve Got To Just “Do It!”

I meet with so many business owners and executives that do little or no promotion of their products.  This is not generally because they don’t believe in the power of promotion, but they’re simply too tied up with other aspects of business operations that they simply don’t know where to start, nor whom to call.

They hear complicated explanations and in-depth examinations of targeting marketing to the “nth” degree and they become paralyzed, so they do nothing.  I understand the importance of targeting, but frankly believe so many statisticians have become involve in marketing that it’s caused many to miss the forest because of all the trees…

Let’s face it, most smaller companies do not have the infrastructure or cash to invest in expensive marketing management software, or firms that do it for them.  Many companies IT systems are set up for accounting and not marketing, so acquiring this data is often time consuming and expensive, if not just plain wrong once it’s downloaded.  So what’s an executive to do?

Simple, download your contact list from your salespeople, get a series of smart, short-sweet and to-the-point direct mail postcards designed.  Have each focus on one aspect of  your business where you have a niche or advantage, and start promoting it!  Space them out 30-60-90 days.  And start promoting your business!  At this point, it doesn’t matter who the decision maker is at each company.  Remember, decision makers change at a moment’s notice, and there are gatekeepers, influencers and others you’ll miss if you just target one person in each company.  And the marginal cost to mail a post card to an additional person in each company is marginal.

Marketing for sure is getting more and more complicated for those that don’t keep on top of it.  I keep on top of it frankly and become overwhelmed by some of the podcasts I listen to and white papers I read.  But remember, long before you had to target the right-handed, red-haired, 6’3″, C-level excutive that owns a Mercedes, and lives in an odd numbered house on a street less than 1/4 mile long….marketing/promotion has been effective.

Doing “something” is much better than doing “nothing.”

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