Driving Sales Through Effective Promotion: Proof

Prospective client meeting often evolve to include the “we tried marketing and nothing happened” discussion.  Well here’s proof that when you stick to it, results follow.  Promotions rarely pay for themselves the week of, or for that matter the month following.  But the effect you can not measure is the impact you’re having on prospects for the moment they decide to purchase.

I have been marketing my “Marketing Your Dealership” branding effort using email campaigns and direct mail for the past year.  Both drive traffic to my website, www.marketingyourdealership.com where I have a sundry of useful articles as well as promotions involving marketing products like, email direct mail, brochures etc…to help forklift dealerships marketing their businesses.  It took probably six months of monthly contacts before anyone responded and slowly over the following six months more new clients have contacted me and return business is increasing.  As a result, 84% of the receivables on my books right now came from companies that never received a personal call from me.

As a one-man show I am the accountant, writer, blogger, producer, advertiser, marketer, salesperson, designer etc… you get the hint.  So have little time for personal sales calls, which means advertising and promotion are even more important to me.  One of my most recent clients, and right now my largest called me and said (I’m paraphrasing) “Barry I’ve been getting your post cards and emails for a while now, and visiting your website, and it’s time. I need to get something going because my two salespeople can’t keep me up with the larger dealers in my area.”  And within two months I had completely designed new sales collateral and he has since contracted my company on retainer to act as his marketing partner.  Not bad for a few post cards and emails, huh?

So when y0u’re looking at promoting your business, know that this stuff works.  You just have to do it effectively, efficiently, and consistently.  And with some patience you will see the pay off and the repeat business that comes with it.  Don’t be timid, be proactive!  Get out there and market you business.  It’s paying off for me, and it will pay off for you too, but only if you engage your market and get that awareness for the time they become ready!

Good selling!

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