Real Time Search To Change SEO Dramatically

While having dinner last night with my good friend Paul Barron, he began pointing out how Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites with “real time” updates are going to change dramatically, the way we think about Search Engine Optimization.

I must admit, Paul has forgotten more about SEO and internet marketing, than I know.  But as my mind began smoking, and I tried to keep up, it made sense.  If you want the latest and most useful information on what you’re searching for, it makes sense for search engines to look for that latest information posted, so long as the source is credible.

This is another reason businesses need to be thinking about social media, and stop ignoring Twitter and others…Because if Google’s paying attention to Twitter, it would be wise as a business owner, if you followed suit.

Paul pointed me to this great video that highlights what’s going on. You can find Paul on his blog

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