It All Started With An Add On Craigslist

Some time ago I posted my experience with Downtown Ford in Louisville, and how their superior customer service and downright friendly atmosphere has made me a customer for life, barring a turn for the worst.  Well I’m here to continue the saga that again, started with me finding one of their used vehicles on Craigslist.

The Mustang that I purchased there last year was nearly totalled (no fault of my wife) and Downtown Ford worked like a friend to see us through the process and delivered a car back to us that you literally couldn’t tell had a scratch on it previously. Considering the accident did $15,000 damage, that’s quite a feat.  Now the saga continues

Same car, same wife, this time though…..her bad.  Fender bender, not nearly as bad as the first.  So when Allstate asked where I was taking the car for repair there wasn’t a doubt in my mind where the Mustang was going for repair.  One call to Fran in shop at Downtown Ford and she said she’d have a rental waiting for me, and when I arrived guess what?  I was in and out in about 10 minutes!  Now not that I’m a hurry up type of guy, but that’s pretty damned impressive!

So here’s the deal…many of us market our businesses and try to create separation from our competition by saying things like “superior customer service” but as I’ve said many times, in several posts, marketing goes far beyond the advertising materials and sales people to include everyone in your company that has contact with the customer. What is your company’s plan to ensure that every employee, every day, understands that each experience with each customer needs to be like it’s the first one, and treat that customer like you want to keep them for life, because as I can attest, there are many people that when they find a vendor that they feel treats them fairly, is expedient in their dealings and knows what they’re doing, there’s no reason to go anywhere else.

To summarize, from a FREE ad Downtown Ford placed on Craigslist they’ve generated a customer that not only sings their praises here and other places, but has generated some $60,000 in revenue.  Never underestimate the media available to your business and never underestimate the abilities of your employees…cultivate it, nurture it, and demand it, and it will pay off…

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