Using Direct Mail To Boost Online Traffic

It’s nice to get an echo every now and then and this week Marketing Profs provided a loud and clear support for using direct mail to boost your online traffic.

Direct mail costs more to send however I’ve always submitted you can not be a “one trick pony” meaning you must use alternating media to create awareness.  Not everyone will be reached using email campaigns, SEO, social media etc… And direct mail is a great alternative to build brand identity to those outside the “e-stream.”

In addition, with belt buckles tightening there is less competition for attention with direct mail, meaning your piece is more likely to get through to the decision maker.  The article gives some good tips and strategy for direct mail, so I’ll let them speak to it.

I will say I like post cards and “quick hit” types of direct mail.  You have only a few seconds to get attention before the piece either gets deep sixed or placed on the desk for further investigation.  So be sure the front has your brand, and/or an offer and a good argument for listening on the front.  Then point to a good reason to turn the card over and continue on the back.

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