How Are You Saying “Thanks” To Your Customers This Holiday Season

It’s the time of the year when we’re reminded it’s time to say thank you to our customers and wish them a “Happy Holiday and Prosperous New Year.”  But with technological advances and the speed at which we’re working, are we still keeping it personal?

I’ve worked with, and for, companies that send these nifty little email greeting cards. Cute, but personal?  I don’t think so.  I send personal cards, signed by me, not imprinted with my company name, to each of my clients.  Sure it takes time, but to me it’s worth every minute invested.

We live in an era where customers are forced to press a series of buttons to place an order or leave a message, when customer satisfaction is determined by a survey and email seems to be the order of the day. I think this is a great time for each of your sales reps to take the time to personally sign, address and add a personal note to each holiday card could be a nice touch.

And if you’re sending gift baskets or the like, be sure that your reps or company representatives are delivering them personally, if it is at all possible.  I realize you may have clients out of your delivery zone. But then, even some of those might deserve a trip to personally visit, and hand them their gift.  Trust me, clients appreciate the extra effort of getting out to see them in remote areas.

Oh, and just in case, you may want to consider Holiday Cards for professional use.  Merry Christmas could be an offense to customers that say, are Jewish or engage in a religion that does not recognize Christmas.  So keep it personal and keep it neutral.  But be sure to take the time to formally say it….Thank YOU!

Oh, and have a Happy Holiday and prosperous New Year to each of YOU.

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