Digital and Traditional Marketing Coexist

I’ve been saying it for years, now Google has provided a study which confirms it, savvy marketers are not a “one trick pony.”

While B2B companies continue to invest in digital media such as adwords, email and website, the astute marketers are also retaining traditional methods as well like trade shows, publication advertising and yes, direct mail.

The reason is pretty simple, your mix must be multi-channel to be certain you’re reaching the maximum number of targets.  For example, looking at your email statistics you will see that a 20% open rate (which is good) leaves 80% of your audience out of the loop.  How will you attempt to reach these targets with your messages?  Direct mail and other forms of direct response can help you shore up those you’re missing.

Make sure your messages, brands and strategies are consistent along the marketing continuum for creating the best awareness of your brand and company.  But be sure you’re reaching out with as many channels as makes sense for your market, your budget and your brand(s).

Read the full story HERE.

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