About Me

Socializing at our favorite vacation destination, The Grand Lido, Braco JamaicaThe seed was planted years ago when I served as Corporate Marketing Manager for a Toyota Forklift Dealership, one of the largest in the Nation. With nearing 100 million is annual sales we had the luxury of a full marketing complement, ad agency assistance, and the resources to produce effective marketing plans. We had tremendous success marketing to our prospects, and customers for what they needed, instead of what we had to sell.

After years of speaking with smaller dealerships I realized there was an opportunity in this area as they haven’t the resources to hire full-time marketing, but just like the larger dealerships, needed marketing assistance to move their businesses forward.  With the encouragement of my lovely wife (pictured here) I formed Symbion Marketing in July 2008.

If you’re wondering “why is our awareness at 20%” (meaning you’re unaware of 80% of the deals that go down in your APR; I can give you the answer right here.  You are not supporting your sales force with adequate promotional efforts to get and keep that all-important “top of mind awareness.”  Forklifts and forklift services are not sold, they’re purchased.  And if your dealership isn’t right there near the top of the mind when the time comes for a purchase, well….the prospect just isn’t going to call.  Get that top of mind awareness, get that phone, then close that sale.

This is why I’m here doing what I do.  Call me…you’ll be glad you did.

Barry D. Lauterwasser

President, Symbion Marketing LLC

2 Responses to About Me

  1. Jamie Samad says:

    Nice website, I like the Blogroll


  2. Eldon Mast says:


    Thanks for the plug on your blog this morning.

    Seems as though you and I have similar backgrounds and aspirations. I am a marketing guy by day as well… and just got finished the art of the start…

    Would love to learn more about you via email (I’ve attached my personal one here).

    Eldon Mast
    Longmont, CO

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