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Building Your Brand and Keeping It

Branding is not science. Every business that creates a business and opens the door starts branding immediately. The question is, who is controlling and building your brand? I could go on for days about the ways you build a brand, … Continue reading

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Courtship of New Customers: Like Courting Your Spouse?

I often like to compare courting new customers to the courtship many of us undertook many years ago while courting our spouses. And while they are very different kinds of relationships, they are relationships none the less. So let’s take … Continue reading

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Your Brand: Creating Space

Brand Differentiation. It’s what we as business people talk about and try to achieve. However in any given market space there are a hand full of businesses that most consumers, much to our chagrin, see us as homogenous brands with … Continue reading

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What is “Thought Leadership” and What Does it Mean to My Brand?

I first heard the term “Thought Leadership” about four years ago from my friend and online mentor, Paul Barron.  Paul has been establishing “Thought Leadership” far longer than most of us has been on the web.  Paul was one of … Continue reading

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Back to the Basics

I read a good article a few days ago which explained why you will always need a good website and that chasing the Social Media hounds is something to avoid. While I feel that Social Media is here to stay, … Continue reading

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Altering Your Logo and Brand

Starbucks is changing it’s logo much as Nike did in the 90’s when it dropped their company name “Nike” from the logo, relying simply upon the “swoosh” as their brand image. The changing of brand logos is hotly debated in … Continue reading

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Walmart sales flat, Target sales exceed expecations….what’s up?

As reported by Reuters, Target Stores sales will reportedly exceed expectations when the report comes out Wedneday, while Walmart’s sales are struggling to remain flat, suggesting the target market for Walmart is still struggling while the Target customer is feeling … Continue reading

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