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Business Failure’s Common Denominator

It seems like every month I’m driving through Louisville and I see a small business (and sometimes large) with its doors closed, lights out and interior looking like a barren warehouse. Some of these businesses once thrived, living on references, … Continue reading

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Altering Your Logo and Brand

Starbucks is changing it’s logo much as Nike did in the 90’s when it dropped their company name “Nike” from the logo, relying simply upon the “swoosh” as their brand image. The changing of brand logos is hotly debated in … Continue reading

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Email Still Driving Shopping over Social

While my clients are B2B, it is safe to say that as consumers, they probably follow this trend and highlights what I’ve said for many months.  Email is still very viable for many reasons and should be part of any … Continue reading

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Driving Sales Through Effective Promotion: Proof

Prospective client meeting often evolve to include the “we tried marketing and nothing happened” discussion.  Well here’s proof that when you stick to it, results follow.  Promotions rarely pay for themselves the week of, or for that matter the month … Continue reading

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Online Marketing Strategies

Looking for the latest in online marketing strategies using web 2.0, and the upcoming web 3.0?  An article that parrallels my thoughts on how to use the web to boost your online presence, get traffic to your site, and increase … Continue reading

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Direct Mail As Part Of An Integrated Marketing Approach

Your message needs to be heard.  Your customer needs to hear the right message, and from more than one location (media).  It is very important that when putting together a marketing/advertising plan that you include more than one media.  And … Continue reading

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Automakers Bolster Internet Advertising

Even traditional TV advertisers are realizing the power of reaching their clients on the internet.  Integrated campaigns (reaching your customer with more than one media) are important to building top of mind awareness with your customers and prospective customers. http://www.247wallst.com/2008/03/gm-gm-king-of-o.html

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Online Advertising To Increase To 30Bil. For 2009

More and more advertisers are “getting” internet advertising, and the results show it.  Online advertising is expected to grow to 10% of all media purchases for 2009, to a total of 30 billion dollars.  Up from an expected 8.8% of … Continue reading

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