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Marketing: Back to the Basics, Again

Back in the late 1980’s, I sold large format commercial graphics, such as giant truck graphics and wall graphics for commercial and retail use. The company I worked for was one of the industry’s leaders.  We had very close ties … Continue reading

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The Most Important Piece of Paper in Your Office

If it’s not THE most important piece of paper, it is very near the top for most B2B companies. What is it, you ask? The business card. Not yours, your prospects! I often hear from clients, “we would love to … Continue reading

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Courtship of New Customers: Like Courting Your Spouse?

I often like to compare courting new customers to the courtship many of us undertook many years ago while courting our spouses. And while they are very different kinds of relationships, they are relationships none the less. So let’s take … Continue reading

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Digital and Traditional Marketing Coexist

I’ve been saying it for years, now Google has provided a study which confirms it, savvy marketers are not a “one trick pony.” While B2B companies continue to invest in digital media such as adwords, email and website, the astute … Continue reading

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More Reasons For Small Business To Engage The eMail Marketing Engine

With wallets tightened, small businesses MUST find cost effective ways to reach customers.  And at this time small businesses NOW more than ever MUST actively market their businesses.  Not to do so when competition to stay in business is greater, … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Email Should Be Part of Your Marketing

Companies in the B2B realm are adopting email campaigns as an integral part of their marketing strategy.  Of course making the content of the email relevant and useful to your target is the key to maintaining high open rates for … Continue reading

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What Are The Anti-Spam Rules?

As use and success of email grows, more marketers wonder “what are the rules and regulations regarding the use of commercial email to promote a business?”  Wonder no more, and read the anti-spam regulations straight from the Federal Trade Commission.  … Continue reading

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