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Marketing: Back to the Basics, Again

Back in the late 1980’s, I sold large format commercial graphics, such as giant truck graphics and wall graphics for commercial and retail use. The company I worked for was one of the industry’s leaders.  We had very close ties … Continue reading

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Walmart sales flat, Target sales exceed expecations….what’s up?

As reported by Reuters, Target Stores sales will reportedly exceed expectations when the report comes out Wedneday, while Walmart’s sales are struggling to remain flat, suggesting the target market for Walmart is still struggling while the Target customer is feeling … Continue reading

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Integrated Marketing & Strategy

In my years of marketing and sales I have seen time and time again a common mistake among marketers that do not understand how branding and promotions work using campaigns as a strategy.  They are not one-hit wonders, or a … Continue reading

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Corporate Personality, Your Affect And Its Effect

Do you know what your company’s personality is in the market?  Have you asked the question? And is there anything you can do to effect it? And how does it effect your market position? If you’ve ever flown Southwest Airlines, you know … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Email Should Be Part of Your Marketing

Companies in the B2B realm are adopting email campaigns as an integral part of their marketing strategy.  Of course making the content of the email relevant and useful to your target is the key to maintaining high open rates for … Continue reading

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Market Positioning, Create It, Maintain It, Or Let The Market Dictate It

The way your product or service is viewed in the minds of your consumers (positioning) is largely controlled by you, the marketing executive.  If you are not proactive is creating and maintaining a consistent position through your advertising and delivery, … Continue reading

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Support For Valuable Relative Content

At Symbion, I relentlessly beat the drum of relevant content.  Turning the tide of “hey look what WE can do for YOU” and simply becoming THE source of relevant, useful information for our clients, we become THE source for the … Continue reading

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