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Is the Internet Killing Our Hunters?

Most of us that have built businesses remember the hunter. We remember what it took to identify prospects, make contact, build a relationship and wait for the opportunity. That was the old fashioned way to generate leads.  Fast forward to … Continue reading

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Sales and Marketing: Knowing the Differences

I often hear the terms sales and marketing used almost interchangeably. While personal sales is a very integral part of marketing in a B2B setting, marketing is not selling, it is much,  much more. When you think about marketing, it … Continue reading

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The Most Important Piece of Paper in Your Office

If it’s not THE most important piece of paper, it is very near the top for most B2B companies. What is it, you ask? The business card. Not yours, your prospects! I often hear from clients, “we would love to … Continue reading

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Back to the Basics

I read a good article a few days ago which explained why you will always need a good website and that chasing the Social Media hounds is something to avoid. While I feel that Social Media is here to stay, … Continue reading

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Sales Literature, Useful or Wasteful?

“Send me some literature” the sales rep hears from the other end of the line.  The new or naive sales rep confuses this with interest on the part of the prospect, when in fact the seasoned sales professional knows this … Continue reading

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Sales Territory Management

Many B2B companies employ a primary strategy of direct sales to get their products and services to market. If yours is one of them, right now it is more important than ever to be sure they’re managing their sales territories … Continue reading

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Training A Salesforce vs. Teaching A Salesforce

Since the dawn of business time…man has attempted to develop himself and others through formal and informal training, hence the development of primary and secondary education systems. These all work to varying degrees of success depending upon leadership, curriculum, and … Continue reading

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